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Orfeo Academy, the daily training service

Tour operators, companies, ensembles: Orfeo helps you get to grips with the modules, with online training sessions led by members of our team. Join us every weekday at 11 a.m. for an hour of live online training!

Get to grips with Orfeo modules more effectively and efficiently

Orfeo Académie offers training sessions to :

  • make the most of the functionalities of the various Orfeo modules;
  • keep up to date with software developments;
  • make new employees or trainees rapidly operational.
    Orfeo Académie sessions take place 5 times a week, every working day at 11am. Each session lasts around an hour, and is led by an Orfeo manager. Each session includes an online demonstration and a question-and-answer session.
    Orfeo Académie is open to all users, as the program is an integral part of the relationship Orfeo offers its customers.
    Since its launch, over 800 people have attended Orfeo Académie training sessions!

Orfeo Academy, a 9-session training program

Orfeo Academy includes 9 sessions covering all Orfeo modules and their functionalities.

Two training courses provide the basics:

  • Essential Directory, to discover the principles of the interface and the use of the directory.
  • Essential Shows/Tours, to discover the principles of tour and calendar management.

Six training courses cover the main functionalities of the various Orfeo modules:

  • Distribution/Booking: mailing lists, newsletters and emailing, opportunity and date tracking, sales dashboard.
  • Management 1: pre-contracts, contract templates, contract editing and follow-up.
  • Management 2: invoices, payments, sales journal.
  • Production / Management: distributions, deployment and sharing of schedules, roadmaps.
  • Social: payroll entry and export, employment contract editing, DPAE and electronic signature.
  • Budget (new module): set budget model and transaction status, enter transactions and create show budget phases.

A cross-disciplinary training course is available for all modules, whatever your activity in the live entertainment sector:

  • Data import: Orfeo's advice on preparing files, correspondence, import and rendering control.

If you are an Orfeo user, to register for a training session, simply visit the Orfeo tutorials site, where the calendar of upcoming sessions is available.

If you're interested in Orfeo modules, ask for a demonstration now.